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Privacy Policy

Adsremoval Privacy Policy is made simple and concise according to user understanding and their beneficiary purpose; we cater all needs of our Client and customers according to their wishes and easy policy offered on our website. we ensure our client and customers and giving commitment that on our website whatever is services offered is completely genuine and 100% correct , when a user gives his/her computer access to our Technical Department remotely for fixing computers so we make sure first to have access to all of their privacy and confidential data backup in case of losing any data , and secondly we give our commitment to customer none of their any single data information go public , we confirm that their data , software and pictures all are secured with us and does not be publicly and at the time of conversation between user and technicians We openly talk about terms and condition and when customer satisfied then we put our work forward and certify to customer about all prices and time frame and all

Information we obtain from Customers While working remotely

When a customer is willing to purchase our Services or renewing Norton Anti-virus then We just simply collect some of their information such as Name, Phone, Email and Billing Address in terms of contacting in future. and for going further we open our secure and encrypted website for processing the order where a user has to put the all his/her card information to process the payment which a Customer can only see all his/her information . And order is completed then we give rest to customer and align best technicians to work on their PCs, Laptops for completing all tasks further

Procedure of obtaining information

We Adsremoval Billing Team gets all necessary information about customer at the time of Customer satisfaction about our services and Products, and we give them our contact information in the need of contacting us back for future purpose .after getting general information from our customer we process the order and fix their PCs and Laptops.

What we Do with Customer Information

a. Payment Information: If a user willing to use the Service provided by The Adsremoval, we will collect credit card information, and other payment information necessary to complete a payment from user. The Adsremoval may use a third party to processor to process and verify credit cards for billing purposes. This requires us to share user name, credit card number, expiration date and billing address with the credit card processing company. When processing a payment transaction, The Adsremoval will also obtain information regarding the amount of the payment and other transaction data. We may transfer or disclose this payment information to a third party only to the extent necessary in order to complete the payment processing

b. Obtaining Information from Customer's Computer

i. Subscriber Computer: We may also ask for information related to your computer. This may include: information about the date of purchase of your computer, type of computer, identification number of your computer, make and model of your computer and/or any computer hardware, software or peripherals attached to it, condition of the computer, system and registry data about software installations and hardware configurations, and error tracking files. Generally, this information is required to provide personalized technical support to you, and to help us update our support tools and enhance our supported products list.

ii. Remote Access: While requesting support you may request for the problem to be resolved by taking control of your computer. The Adsremoval uses qualified tools which allow user to grant control of user computer to an Expert remotely over the Internet, so that the Expert can diagnose or correct problems. Experts are not allowed to use the Remote Access software until and unless they have received adequate training in its use, and user have consented to grant control. In addition, Experts will not use Remote Access tools to obtain confidential or sensitive information stored on user computer or network, deliberately destroy information on user computer or network, or cause user to experience system problems.

iii. Diagnostic Tool: The Adsremoval online diagnoses application may collect a wide variety of useful information about the state of a computer system and the applications on it. This information is packaged into a document containing all the essential details needed by The Adsremoval and is sent securely over the Internet to The Adsremoval server or a third party server appointed by The Adsremoval. The Adsremoval analyzes this information to help diagnose and solve end-user problems. Information collected by The Adsremoval application will not contain any sensitive information such as Web sites visited, e-mail messages, e-mail addresses sent to, passwords, profiles, etc. Use of the Remote Access and Diagnoses applications is also subject to the terms of use in the respective software license agreements.

iv. Live Help Session Records: The Adsremoval reserves the right to monitor on-line and off-line sessions between user and a Technical Support Executive for quality control of the Service provided to the Customer by Technical Support Executive. In addition, we may record on-line and off-line sessions conducted on the Web site for user reference and to assist in resolution of disputes and/or potential complaints. The session records will also be used to improve the Service, build a support knowledge base, and/or conduct internal market research. Session record data will not be correlated with personally identifiable data about individual customers.

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